Welcome to the UT Campus Map!

    Since these maps are based on the Google maps and are draggable, you can use your mouse or the directional arrows to pan left, right, up and down to see areas that are hidden offscreen. You can also use the slider to zoom in and zoom out. Single-clicking on a map category (such as the building locator, campus attractions or distance calculator) will display a different user interface in reference to that particular category.

    Use the building locator to search for a building’s location by scrolling to the specific ID. Clicking on the location will open an info bubble that will include the building name and address (where acceptable) and a link to a parent page for additional information.

    You can use the campus attractions menu to view many different map features, including student services, parking areas, bus routes, wireless coverage and more!

    This distance calculator interface allows you to pick your starting destination by single - clicking on the campus map to lay a point then click on your final destination. The computed data will calculate fastest walking or driving directions, and the time duration. The interface also allows you to store addresses to best plan your busy schedule.