Welcome to chasewittdesign.com! I am a 2009 graduate with a BFA in graphic design from the University of Tennessee. I currently have invested my time and energy in learning to produce easy-to-use, top quality web sites, but I also lust over the wide range of design. I strongly desire to relentlessly pursue quality and excellence at every level for my clients and to build a competitive public image.


My goal is to create some of the best visual pieces that you could ever see. I adhere to all modern practices and standards; however, my desire is to take it one step further and create something truly special. For most of my web projects, whether it be e-commerce, portfolio, or Label Company, I have established a Joomla! content managment system to better maintain the future of the site. I have experience using Joomla! in power e-commerce sites like Dentek.com where Joomla! not only helps the selling of their products, but integrates the whole social networking scheme for all their costumers.

  • Print Design
  • Illustration
  • Logo/Identity
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • SEO/Social Media
  • XHTML/CSS coding
  • PHP, Javascript, Ajax coding
  • ActionScript 3.0


Design plays a creative and significant role in conveying ideas, translating messages, and simplifying communication. Design is everywhere, but good design is transparent, not obvious. Design should never say "Look at me." Rather, it should always say, "Look at this!" Design is a combination of science, culture, art, and psychology. It reaches out to convey both meaning, understanding, and beauty. In other words, design has limitless purpose. Design no longer exists solely as a means of decoration. Rather, as Charles Eames claims, "design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose."

Graphic Designers are engaged in projects covering areas from business communications to leisure activities. Thus, a designer faces an extremely difficult task which is to satisfy all the needs of different objectives. A designer must have a good understanding his clients' needs, a good grasp of society at large, and above all, he must possess the unyielding spirit of an avant-gardist with a full command of the techniques of the formal arts.


I am currently a Software Engineer at Meridium, Inc. a Software Development company. Past I was a web developer at Pyxl, Inc. a digital marketing firm. I have been previously employed as the Manager of Web Development for the U30 Group, a research and analytics firm. I have also gained extensive experience in my internships with Moxley Carmichael and HELO Online, which is derived from Dentek.com. At Moxley Carmichael, a public relations firm, I spent eight months there working on print design projects. Their design branch not only helped me build on my print design skills, but it also helped me fulfill some personal objectives such as executing  time-based projects for clients and gaining experience working in a business environment. As an intern at HELO, a web design/marketing firm, I spent five months there gaining experience with web-based media. I gained extensive knowledge in e-commerce, business identity, internet marketing, and proper file management. I also became more familiar with multiple Content Management Systems such as Django, Magento, Modx, and Joomla.